All students at JKMS enter through an audition and interview. At graded levels, students are admitted based on their attitude and potential for development rather than on mere performance abilities. Most students are expected to have had music lessons before making appointments for auditions at JKMS. Young students at beginners’ level are expected to have completed a pre-instrumental course. Diploma students need a minimum qualification of a good pass at Grade 8.

Auditions are conducted throughout the year based on availability of places. Admission of new students normally takes place between September to December for the following academic year. Enquiries and appointments for auditions can be made through phone at 64687570 or e-mail at jkmusic_studio@hotmail.com.

Audition Requirements

Graded students are required to prepare at least 2 to 3 contrasting pieces. Placement of students is subjected to age, level of technique and availability at the studio.

Diploma students are required to perform at least 2 contrasting pieces of at least Grade 8 standard. Their performance should demonstrate technical and musical proficiency deemed apt to advance to diploma studies.

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